Supplier Authorised Individual and DUNS number

A supplier who wishes to join BOMcheck must appoint an Authorised Individual with authority to generate substance declarations on the database. The Authorised Individual completes the online application form and sends a signed copy to BOMcheck.

The application form must include a valid DUNS number. This unique nine-digit DUNS identification number is used to identify legitimate, registered businesses. You can look up the DUNS number for your business, or apply for a new DUNS number, by contacting Dun & Bradstreet at

BOMcheck will check the DUNS number to verify that the supplier is a registered business, validate the identity and e-mail address of the Authorised Individual and create an electronic signature for the Authorised Individual. This electronic signature will be attached to all substance declarations that the Authorised individual generates on the database.

BOMcheck stores the substance declaration data using the unique combination of the supplier part number and supplier DUNS number. If two or more suppliers use the same part number, BOMcheck uses the DUNS numbers to identify the substance declarations for each of these part numbers individually.

Larger suppliers may wish to appoint several Authorised Individuals to make declarations for the same range of supplier part numbers, for example, to share the workload or provide cover when one person is on holiday or off sick. In this case, each Authorised Individual must register using the same DUNS number when they set up their account on BOMcheck and confirm their own unique electronic signature.

Several Authorised Individuals can register using the same supplier DUNS number

DO NOT allow several Authorised Individuals to register using different DUNS numbers if they will make declarations for the same range of supplier part numbers.

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