Regulatory Compliance Declaration tool

BOMcheck saves time and cost for suppliers. The Regulatory Compliance Declarations (RCD) tool includes expert regulatory guidance on all substances which are restricted or declarable for hardware products by regulations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. But we don’t just list the Regulations. BOMcheck provides detailed practical guidance on where these substances can be found in materials or parts of hardware products, and any exemptions that apply. This saves time and costs for suppliers because if you know where to look for restricted and declarable substances, then you can reduce your sample testing costs. If the BOMcheck guidance and ‘quick fill statements’ indicate that a substance is not found in your parts (for example, because the substance is used as a plasticizer and your parts do not contain plasticizers) then you should follow the guidance and claim compliance for your parts for this substance. You should only consider sample testing for substances which the guidance indicates are likely to be found in your parts.

You can choose to make your RCDs confidential to certain customers.

BOMcheck notifies you when new substances become regulated and explains how the requirements apply to hardware products. So you don’t need to spend time and effort to keep on top of the Regulations. You will receive an email from BOMcheck that will tell you what the new Regulatory requirements are, how they affect your products and what actions you need to take. You can login to BOMcheck to update your declarations for these new substances, and make any other changes to the RCD or the parts list.

You will need to update each RCD every 6 months when more substances are added to the REACH Candidate List and other regulatory requirements. That is why Philips and other leading OEMs encourage you to make a Full Materials Declaration (FMD) because then you do not need to update your declaration. BOMcheck uses your FMD to re-calculate an RCD for your parts when the list of regulated and declarable substances changes. You can choose to make the FMD confidential to certain customers and allow other customers only to see the RCD which BOMcheck calculates from your FMD.

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