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Philips and other leading OEMs encourage you to make a Full Materials Declaration (FMD) because then you do not need to update your declaration every six months when more substances are added to the REACH Candidate List and other regulatory requirements. A FMD provides the % weight of each individual material in the part and the % weight of each substance which is intentionally added to each material (i.e. no need to declare impurities in the material). For example, a FMD for a PVC coated copper wire will contain two materials – the PVC coating and the copper wire. The PVC coating will include all intentionally added substances (e.g. stabilisers, plasticisers, flame retardants etc).

BOMcheck uses your FMD to re-calculate an RCD for your parts when the list of regulated and declarable substances changes. The FMD tool includes over 524,000 chemical names, synonyms and trade names that you can choose from. BOMcheck shows you whether each substance is currently restricted or declarable or is included in an industry list such as GADSL, JIG, CMR Category 1 or 2, or ESIS PBT or vPvBT.

You can choose to make the FMD confidential to certain customers and allow other customers only to see the RCD which BOMcheck calculates from your FMD. For example, a plastics manufacturer can choose to allow certain customers to see the FMD for the plastic, but only allow other companies (e.g. the moulders) to see the RCD that BOMcheck calculates for the plastic.

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