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A manufacturer account is free-of-charge provided your company agrees to send a letter to your suppliers requesting them to provide standardised, high quality compliance declarations for RoHS, REACH and other regulated substances around the world by using BOMcheck. The Manufacturer Agreement requires your company to agree to pilot BOMcheck with a limited number of suppliers and, on successful completion of the pilot to your satisfaction, then request your hardware suppliers to join BOMcheck, at your discretion. BOMcheck provides a standard letter which your company can adapt and send to these suppliers as part of a phased implementation approach. This letter is provided as a draft email which you can edit and send to suppliers that are not already members of BOMcheck by using the ‘Invite suppliers to join BOMcheck’ tools which are provided in a Super User Account. For avoidance of doubt, your company is not responsible or liable in case any suppliers decide not to join BOMcheck.

Sample manufacturer’s agreement

To request a manufacturer’s agreement for your company please email your contact details to Dr Aidan Turnbull at

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