Blubolt ( is a market leader in web application development, backed by rapidly growing in-house development and design teams. 

Blubolt specialise in producing functionally rich, usable and extensible web platforms for a variety of industries, including online commerce, OTAs (Online Travel Agents), social networking and B2B applications.

Blubolt have leveraged their knowledge of new and robust web technologies to develop a range of web applications that provide feature-rich, user-friendly and unique interfaces and solutions to new and old problems. Blubolt have over 60 clients world-wide comprising many well established brand names and rapidly growing start-ups, and have invested tens of thousands of development hours into code which is tested, extended, deployed and maintained in order to produce truly scalable, stable and bespoke solutions. 

Blubolt believe that technology should be simple and elegant, and work primarily within the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework, however into this mix bring a variety of integrations and server technologies for bespoke developments which have included C++ applications and libraries, Memcached caching technology, Java and Erlang in order to enhance and extend the possibilities of solutions. Blubolt regularly build solutions which have experience explosive user growth, and have rapidly been required to scale over multiple servers in order to provide scalability and redundancy.

In addition to elegant server architecture, blubolt specialise in integration. In the eCommerce sector, blubolt regularly implement integrations with warehousing and order-flow systems using a rich variety of technologies, including EDI, SOAP, XML-RPC, Sockets and myriad others.

In spite of their technical prowess, blubolt retain a strong ethos of design and usability, and believe that a platform should not only be functional, it should be beautiful. Even platforms which are used exclusively internally or are B2B should function as elegantly and simply as a consumer facing platform, as a beautiful platform is a usable platform, and a usable platform pays dividends.

MyFootballClub is the brainchild of former football journalist Will Brooks and has been described as 'revolutionising football management.'

The concept is simple. People register with the site and pay a £35 annual membership fee. With the fees collected, the website purchases a football club (Ebbsfleet United), and in return for payment, each member becomes a stakeholder in the club and can use the website to vote on all decisions affecting its future: from team selection to new signings to even the kit worn at matches.

Blubolt developed the site for MyFootballClub over a period of several months, and produced a solution which they have grown comfortably within, seeing upwards of a million user sessions per month.

MyFootballClub performs relatively complex statistical analysis of user voting patterns in order to provide the most accurate possible results for the management of the team, and has been a great success for the site operators, the team, and the members.